Elki Company

Selling live Christmas trees

For 20 years, since 1996, we arrange the sale of live Christmas trees on the eve of new year holidays.

For two decades we have come a long way and has become the largest company in Russia that supplies natural tree and Christmas accessories.

We opened branches in the largest cities of Russia and provide, perhaps, the best service for the delivery and installation of the living fir trees in offices and apartments of our dear customers.

Where we buy Christmas trees

Live Christmas trees come to us literally from all parts of the world. Our suppliers are Russian, European and American enterprises engaged in growing Christmas trees.

We are very demanding with our suppliers, and we believe its a great achievement the fact that we only work with specialized nurseries and forestry.

So we show we care about the environment — by developing and encouraging civilized production of live oil.

Online-shop of real Christmas trees

The most comfortable way to prepare for the New Year — place your order in our online store. Wide range of Christmas trees to satisfy even the most sophisticated buyers.

Your choice we offer Russian Christmas trees, Danish spruce, silver fir, the Fraser, Christmas pine, live spruce in pots, spruce branches (bouquets from fur-tree branches), stands for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations and accessories.

Order, provide the address, date and time of delivery and prepare for a bright emotions and good mood, fragrant live tree.

We will be very grateful if after the order You will find a few minutes to leave your opinion about Internet-shop and service delivery. It is very important for us as feedback from our customers allows us to improve the quality of service.

Christmas markets

Elki Christmas markets

Observing a Christmas tradition in the second half of December begin our Christmas bazaars. Our sales points are always smartly decorated, well lit and convenient for customers. Prices on Christmas trees, mode of operation, book reviews and all required documents are presented at information stands.

All Christmas bazaars are equipped with cash registers, measuring lines, packaging machines and fire extinguishing means.

Customers served by the friendly sellers in uniform. They help to choose and buy the Christmas tree, pack, explain how best to care for a Christmas tree to last longer pleased.

31 December, when the Christmas bazaars are closed, we will promptly dismantle them, conduct a thorough cleaning and remove all rubbish.

Social responsibility

Elki Company annually takes part in charitable new year promotions, gives real Christmas trees to schools, kindergartens, social institutions, makes deductions for Federal purposes.

Contact information

Central office: Russia, Moscow, CAO, Pasechnaya str., 5, +7 (495) 565-33-83
Phone the delivery service of real Christmas trees:

Moscow: +7 (495) 723-28-76, 565-33-83

Saint Petersburg: +7 (812) 385-55-44

Ekaterinburg: +7 (343) 247-83-76

Ufa: +7 (347) 200-09-17

Wholesale supply of real Christmas trees:

Phone: +7 (495) 565-33-83

Fax: +7 (495) 565-33-83

Elki Company congratulates You with New Year!

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